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Anti-Spam Highway on Instagram: The Latest Feature Making Your Experience Better

Anti-Spam Highway on Instagram

Hey Instagrammers! Exciting news is buzzing in the Instagram universe. So, here’s the lowdown – Instagram just announced a cool new feature that’s about to roll out in the next few weeks. Curious about what it is? Well, buckle up because we’re about to dive deep into the deets to keep you up-to-date with the trendiest news!

Spam, Bots, and Mystical Tales on Instagram? There’s a Solution!

As per the scoop from Instagram for Creators, Instagram is cooking up a nifty feature to help you steer clear of spam and bots that love to sneak into your posts. Here’s the scoop: this feature will automatically scan for spam in comments, tags, stories, and even fake followers. It’s like having an anti-spam detective on the case.


Each account that raises suspicion as spam or a bot will be separated and sent to a special inbox. Now, here’s the cool part – you get to check them one by one. If it turns out they’re not spam, just hit “OK,” and they can become your followers.

Cleaning Up Fake Followers, Hassle-Free!

Now, if after the check, it turns out the account is a no-go (aka spam), don’t worry! You can click “Delete all spam followers” or just leave it be. If you choose to ignore it, all those spam accounts will be automatically wiped out after 30 days. No more stressing about followers who aren’t your pals.

Posts from accounts deemed as spam will also be automatically avoided on your account. They won’t show up on your timeline unless you give the green light. So, safer from strange posts.

Spam in Tags? Say Goodbye!

If you’re a magnet for tags from spam accounts, fret not. Now, they won’t show up on your posts if you don’t allow it. Just click “Delete all requests,” and poof, those suspicious tags vanish like magic!


For Instagram Stories, they’re testing an option to hide the viewing of stories from accounts considered spam. So, no more interruptions during your exciting moments.

Advanced Comment Filtering: A Sharp Blade Against Spam!

In 2021, Instagram introduced the “Hidden Words” feature to hide comments containing inappropriate keywords. Now, they’re planning to combat spam with the “Advanced Comment Filtering” – a high-tech weapon!


There’s no denying Instagram is seriously tackling the issues of spam and bots. They’ve also dealt with bot attacks posting explicit content. But Instagram has to find the balance between maintaining appropriate content and allowing the free flow of creative ideas on their platform.

Recently, Instagram faced some heat for being accused of censoring pro-Palestinian content during the Gaza conflict. So, it’s not easy being the owner of a platform as massive as Instagram.

Instagram Getting Smarter, You Getting More Peace of Mind!

So, here’s the scoop – Instagram is making serious efforts to make our experience on their platform more enjoyable and secure. Spam, bots, and mystical tales on Instagram now have solutions. With these new features, we can explore the Instagram world without annoying disruptions.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to welcome the anti-spam highway that Instagram is about to open. Hopefully, with these new features, Instagram can remain a cool, comfortable, and creatively vibrant space. Cheers to Instagram getting even more sophisticated!

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