US government agency on Tuesday named four technologies it expects will keep computer data secret when quantum computers are mature enough to crack today’s encryption tech. It’s a key step in securing computers against the potentially revolutionary new technology.

Scientists showed all the way back in 1994 that quantum computers could break mainstream encryption technology if the progress in

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When it comes to making powerful computer chips, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD -3.66%) is best-in-class. The company is an incredibly versatile producer, serving wide-ranging purposes that include gaming, the data center, and even virtual reality applications. 

Chips, which are commercially known as semiconductors, have become one of the most important manufacturing components as consumer devices and commercial infrastructure demand

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“chuparosa,” Marcus Zúñiga, (Pasadena, California), 2022, light and mirrors, sculpture, 18x26x10 inches. (courtesy of 516 ARTS)

The exhibition “Art Meets History: Technologies of the Spirit” challenges the idea of a singular New Mexico story.

Open at 516 ARTS, the exhibition marks a second iteration of the show that opened with “Many Worlds Are Born,” showcasing that constellation of community and

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