This article provides an implementation of a container, called segmented map, which is almost as fast as flat map in random access and enumeration of elements and close to std::map in insertion of elements. The source code is written in C++17 and can be compiled in any C++17 compiler. Benchmarks with the “int-double” and “string-string” key-value pairs are provided for … Read More


Google’s Chrome team is looking at heap scanning to reduce memory-related security flaws in Chrome’s C++ codebase, but the technique creates a toll on memory – except when newer Arm hardware is used.   

Google can’t just rip and replace Chromium’s existing C++ code with memory safer Rust, but it is working on ways to improve the memory safety of C++

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The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol is preparing for a crucial week as it prepares to finally share with the public the fruits of its months-long investigation into the riot in prime time on Thursday. 

The 8 p.m. hearing kicking off a series of meetings shows the committee is eager to reach a broad segment

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EXCLUSIVE: Bunim/Murray Productions, the Emmy-winning reality production company which recently launched Lizzo’s Watch Out For The Big Girrrls on Amazon Prime, Don’t Forget The Lyrics on Fox and is bringing its hit franchise The Challenge to CBS this summer, is bolstering its development and current programming teams, promoting three and adding four new staffers.

Veteran producers Gayani Wanigaratne and

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