Doom Port Released as BIOS Payload

Doom being ported to unusual hardware has become a common recurring tech theme over the years, but now it has been ported to a BIOS. Coreboot has been updated to version 4.17 today, reports Linux-centric news site Phoronix. Originally known as LinuxBIOS, which provides a better clue to its utility value, Coreboot 4.17 supports new motherboards, delivers a new bootloader, supports AMD Platform Secure Boot (PSB), comes with a handful of fixes, and… a port of Doom.

Coreboot is a free and open-source BIOS implementation that supports numerous extensions known as Payloads. These Payloads add functionality to the minimal code that is the basis of Coreboot. Therefore, a great deal of customizability is available to Coreboot users to determine exactly what their BIOS ROMs contain via Payload choices.