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Garmin (GRMN) GPS Cycling Computers to Aid Fitness Segment


Garmin, a renowned name in the world of technology and navigation, has once again set its sights on revolutionizing the cycling experience with the launch of its new GPS cycling computers, the Edge Explore 2 and the Edge Explore 2 Power Mount Bundle. These cutting-edge devices promise to enhance the way cyclists navigate, track, and enjoy their rides, all while ensuring safety remains a top priority.

The Edge Explore 2 Series: A Safer Way to Ride

The standout feature of the Edge Explore 2 series is its dedication to safety and convenience. Cyclists can now benefit from improved battery life, ensuring their devices last through long rides, and high-contrast maps that highlight popular roads while helping them avoid high-traffic areas. This means riders can now plan safer routes and enjoy peace of mind during their adventures.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Garmin’s Edge Explore series is not just about individual device capabilities; it’s about being connected and aware. These cycling computers can seamlessly connect to compatible smartphones, providing cyclists with real-time data, notifications, and tracking features. Additionally, they are fully compatible with Garmin’s Varia line of cycling awareness devices, further enhancing rider safety.

The Edge Power Mount Bundle

An exciting addition to the Edge Explore 2 series is the Edge Power Mount included in the bundle. This innovative accessory allows cyclists to charge their devices directly from their bikes while riding. Say goodbye to worrying about running out of battery mid-ride; this feature ensures uninterrupted navigation and tracking.

Garmin’s Expanding Cycling Offerings

The Edge Explore 2 is not Garmin’s only recent foray into the world of cycling technology. Last month, they introduced the Edge 1040 Solar, a device equipped with solar charging capability and multi-band GNSS technology. This empowers cyclists to confidently tackle challenging routes, knowing their device can keep up.

In May, Garmin unveiled the Varia RCT715 rearview radar, a device featuring a camera and tail light to provide cyclists with enhanced visibility of approaching vehicles during their rides. This innovation enhances safety and awareness on the road.

In March 2022, Garmin introduced the Tacx NEO Motion Plates, designed to provide movement flexibility during indoor cycling training. These plates offer a more immersive riding experience and a natural riding position, making indoor training feel like an outdoor adventure.

Garmin’s Commitment to Cyclists

Garmin’s consistent efforts to introduce innovative cycling solutions are not only expanding its presence in the GPS bike computer market but are also contributing to the growth of the cycling industry as a whole. With the increasing awareness of fitness and recreational cycling, Garmin’s dedication to providing cutting-edge technology is timely.

The Future of Cycling with Garmin

The launch of the Edge Explore 2 series reinforces Garmin’s commitment to elevating the cycling experience. As cyclists embrace these advanced devices, they can look forward to safer rides, enhanced tracking capabilities, and the convenience of staying connected. Furthermore, Garmin’s expanding range of cycling offerings promises to make cycling more enjoyable, whether on the road or indoors.

While Garmin’s fitness segment has faced challenges in recent times, the company’s ongoing efforts to innovate and cater to the cycling community are expected to drive growth and instill confidence in both short-term and long-term investors.

As the cycling market continues to grow, driven by increasing fitness awareness, Garmin’s strategic positioning and commitment to innovation bode well for its prospects. With predictions of significant market growth in the GPS bike computer sector, Garmin is poised to be a key player in shaping the future of cycling technology.