Graphics Card Shipments Have Jumped 32% in 2022: Report

According to a report by Jon Peddie Research, the discrete graphics card market has seen a massive shift in value and product volume over the past year, in favor of consumers. Discrete graphics card shipments from AIB partners have escalated significantly, with JPR reporting a massive 32.2% year-over-year gain in overall shipments from both Nvidia and AMD. At the same time, the AIB market value dropped by $4 billion from $12.4 billion down to just $8.6, because of lower GPU prices this year.

This is good news for consumers, and means prices should continue to fall until they hit MSRP. The start of 2022 marked the first time in eight quarters that average selling prices (ASPs) of AIB partner cards finally began to drop.

JPR sees a bright future for the graphics card market and estimates it will grow from $46 billion right now to $57 billion by 2025, thanks to Intel’s entry into the AIB partner market by 2023. This is despite the current market’s drop in value from over the last quarter.

JPR - Total AIB Market Share and Volume

(Image credit: Jon Peddie Research)

This hiccup is a result of the massive cost inflation of graphics cards we saw in 2020 and 2021, with the market now recovering rather quickly in 2022 from these super-inflated prices. But if JPR’s predictions are true, the market will fully recover and regain all that value through GPU shipments instead. Again, this means GPU pricing should stay comparatively low as many many more graphics cards hit store shelves.