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Sign up for Teeniors training to help senior citizens with

The Teeniors program has hired local help to assist senior citizens understand today's modern technology.

DEMING – Are you intimidated by today’s technology? Do computers, smartphones, and laptops put you in a cold sweat?

The Teeniors program is coming to Deming and can quell those fears and bring you up to speed when it comes to today’s computer technology. The program is geared toward finding tech-savvy teens to train toward empowering senior citizens and other to embrace computer technology and move forward in today’s cyber world.

Teeniors instructor Trish Lopez will conduct a free training session at 10 a.m. on Thursday, June 30, at the Deming Senior Citizen’s Center located at 800 S. Granite Street. If you are interested in the program for Teeniors you can RSVP for in-person class or one-on-one coaching with a Teeniors instructor.

Call the center today at 575-546-8823 or email [email protected].