Video of Intel Arc Alchemist GPU Gameplay Demo Shared Online

Intel had at least one Arc GPU-powered NUC on demonstration at DreamHack Dallas this weekend. Though no official Intel footage or blogs discuss this event, a YouTuber has made a short video of someone playing a fast-paced modern racing game on an Intel NUC with an Arc Alchemist GPU.

Above, you can see someone enjoying a blast around the Grid Legends race tracks. The gamer, perhaps someone from Team Blue, used a joypad to race. Based on the glance we get of the PC, it is an Intel NUC that looks like one of the bulkier but still relatively compact Extreme models. Sadly we don’t know which particular Arc GPU was behind the gaming clip, though the video host thought it might be the A7 series. The gameplay takes place on a 1080p monitor, but we don’t know the graphics settings, nor do we see any FPS figures.